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- Operating Systems: Windows 9x/XP/7/8, Android, Linux (basic level).
- Programming Languages (basic level): Java, SQL, HTML (CSS), XML.
- Protocols: HTTP(S), TCP/IP.
- Bugtracking systems: Jira, Mantis, Redmine.
- Tools: MS Office, VMWare, Virtual Box, Evernote.
- Knowledge of testing methodologies.
- Knowledge of the life cycle of a defect.
- Understanding of software development processes.
- Experience of managing a team of 5 people.
- English mid-intermediate (good writing and speaking).

2003-2008 Kryvyi Rih Technical University, Electrical Engineer

- Good communication skills
- Responsible
- Stress resistant
- Active life position
- Can work remotely

Зарегистрирован: 11 ноя 2014 11:24
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